Check out the Los Angeles keycaps from Akko!

Akko has a wide variety of keycap sets. One of these is the Los Angeles set; a keycap set inspired by the famous basketball team from LA. This is a beautiful set of keycaps. Weather you are a fan of the Lakers or you are just looking for something different then your average black on white set.


The outside box

Akko sells the Los Angeles keycaps in a nice box which shows an image of the keycaps in full color. Upfront there is the Akko logo. The profile, which is ASA and the keycap material; PBT can be seen on the right side. Up front is the name of the set which comes in handy if you are like me and have different Akko sets stacked on a shelf. On the back there is some contact info.

The keycap storage box

The storage box for the keycaps comes in a vibrant yellow color with a big Akko logo on it. On the left are hinges and it closes with magnets. This ensures the storage box is secure but still easy enough to open when needed.

Akko Los Angeles keycaps
The keycaps in their storage box and outer box

The keycaps

Opening up the storage box you are greeted by a beautiful assortment of keycaps. An assortment of white and yellow keycaps for standard layouts whit a nice purple print on them. Purple variants of keys are included, as well as different sizes for special layouts and a few novelty keys.

If you want to get serious about matching your keycaps with your switches check out the Lavender Purple, Jelly white or limited edition Spongebob switches!

ASA profile

The keycaps are of the ASA profile type. They have a large font, placed in the center of the keys. Being flat and having a large surface area, they are easy to find for your fingers. The ASA profile’s height sits in between the Cherry and OEM profile.

Different layouts

The Los Angeles keycap set comes with a total of 158 keys. Included are keycaps in different sizes for layouts such as 60, 65, 75 and 96 percent.

Storage box

You can store the keycaps you replace with these safe and sound in this box. The keycaps are secured by a cross shaped placeholder for each individual keycap. This can make them a bit harder to take out though. Fortunately Akko also provides a nice keycap puller with the set.


Here’s how the keycaps look in my Akko 3098B keyboard. (review here). I think they look really nice with the black. I bet they will look even better on a white keyboard though! I ‘m curious what you think. Let me know in the comments!

Akko Los Angeles keycap set in a 1800 layout board
The Los Angeles keycap set on a 3098B keyboard

Where to buy

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