Sharkoon Light² 200 review: surprisingly complete

Mouse on a diet

I have used a Logitech G502 for quite some time. I was very happy with it’s shape but especially with the infinite scroll wheel. Lately I have developed a pain in my wrists though so I started to look at an alternative. At first I tried a vertical mouse but this wasn’t my cup of coffee. So after browsing around and looking at lighter alternatives I stumbled upon the Sharkoon Light² 200.

The company Sharkoon

Sharkoon started making gaming products in 2003. Focusing on value for money Sharkoon has a wide portfolio of peripherals. Among the products being sold by Sharkoon are mice, keyboards, gaming chairs, pc cases. Other noticeable products include gaming headsets, DACs and mousepads. Sharkoon advertises their products as being “Designed in Germany”. Most of its products are focused on gamers who are looking for a good balance quality and affordability.

The Sharkoon Light² 200 comes in a nice sturdy box highlighting its most important specs.
The Sharkoon Light² 200 in its retail packaging

First impressions of the Sharkoon Light² 200

The mouse comes boasting its most important features on its packaging. My first reaction after opening up the box was a feeling of surprise. I was Surprised by how complete of a package Sharkoon delivers for its price. Not only are there two covers (a solid one and a honeycomb version) but also a selection of DPI buttons in black, blue and a red one that is a bit higher. Some extra extra mouse feet are also included. The mouse itself felt much lighter then my old one. The mouse has a very thin and light braided cable. It looks a bit like a paracord cable but unfortunately it is not of the highest quality. The sensor used is the Pixart 3389 optical switch.


Specs found on the website of Sharkoon. Type of Omron switches not specified.
Specifications of the Sharkoon Light² 200

These are the specs:

Shape and feeling

The shape of the mouse is an ergonomic one. It looks a lot like the Benq Zowie EC2 which is a classic many gamers have fond memories of. The curved shape and bump at the back, we have all seen it before. The shape together with the weight make for a comfortable experience weather you are used to claw-, finger- or palmgripping. The buttons feel well placed and the scroll wheel gives enough resistance while using it but isn’t too stiff either. The honeycomb design, being made populair in the mainstream audience by Glorious is a love it or hate it affair. The design makes its easier to shave of a lot of weight from a mouse. The caveat is that it also comes with the chance of getting dust and dead skin cells in your mouse.

Daily use

Having used the Sharkoon Light² 200 on a daily basis for a few months I must say I was pretty happy with it. I really liked the shape which gave me plenty of grip and no pressure on my wrists. I used the honeycomb cover most of the time which took a bit of getting used to for me. After a while I didn’t mind it anymore except for the sides.

I wish they kept the sided solid, but Sharkoon does provide optional sidecovers. They don’t come with the mouse though.

One thing that I never got used to was the cable. It is so soft that I cannot really attach it to a bungee. It also attracts a lot of dust. The sensor has been great and accurate for me and all the buttons felt in the right place.

The feet of the mouse haven’t peeled off and the mouse still glides like it did the first day. The mouse buttons themselves have this little tiny ergonomic curve. This makes my index finger feel welcome each time it lands back there.

The side buttons are ok, but nothing special. They are easy enough to reach though.

The Sharkoon Light² 200 can be easily opened up.
The mouse cover is attached by a locking mechanism and magnets

Software and lightshow

Sharkoon provides a simple but decent software suite which is available on its website. The software is completely optional and it lets you set the dpi and RGB settings which can be saved to the mouse. One thing that is essential though is downloading the latest firmware. This improves the click latency to 4ms. you can find this firmware and software here. The RGB on the Sharkoon light² 200 comes in the form of a light bar on its back. I have seen stuff puking rainbows, but here it comes out the other way. I am not the biggest RGB fan but I wasn’t to bothered with this implementation.

There is also a white version available

Final thoughts

The shape of a mouse is something very personal, I can dig the ergo shape myself. Sharkoon did a good job with providing more for less here. The mouse is very light, has great feet, comes with two covers, various dpi buttons and spare feet. The sensor is above average and the mouse buttons still feel great after a few months. The software is optional but do update the firmware for that lower click latency. What I didn’t like so much was the sides not being solid and the fact dust will get in easier. But hey, nothing a can of compressed air can fix, right? I did notice that the housing of my mouse began to squeak after a couple of months while gripping it tight. The cable attracts dust and is too thin for my taste.

For the price of around €35,- I think this is a very solid option if you are looking for something affordable, light and ergonomic. There are always sacrifices to be made in this price range but I think Sharkoon made the right ones here for the most part.

you can check the current price on using these links:

Sharkoon light² 200 white Sharkoon light² 200 black


  • Low price
  • Complete package
  • Software optional
  • Great feet 100% PTFE
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Comes in black and white color options
  • Very lightweight (+/- 62 grams)


  • Only right handed
  • Squeaking after a few months
  • Cable attracts dust and feels a bit cheap
  • No solid covers included (can be ordered though)


The mouse was bought by myself and my own money. Opinions are my own. Links on this website may contain affiliate links. By clicking these you support the website to get more products in for reviewing.