The Akko Black Friday/CyberMonday sale is here! can’t choose? take a look at these suggestions

The end of november is among us and that means it’s time for Black Friday! Akko is celebrating this with some great offers. If you are in the market for a new keyboard, want some different switches for you existing board or wanting to change things up with some keycaps; there are some nice offers to find. To make deciding a bit easier here are some recommendations for you.

Full size and 96% keyboards

Looking for a full size keyboard or wanting a numpad but something a bit less wide? Then these are some suggestions you might like.

Black and Cyan 3108 Plus

The Black and Cyan 3108 Plus is a full size keyboard which comes which comes with a classy black housing. The keycaps included are the Black and Cyan keycaps in the classic Cherry Profile. These are double shot PBT keycaps so these will not become shiny. The board has a detachable usb-c cable and some extra novelty keys in Cyan. There is no backlight but the it is possible to add this yourself if you would feel the need. Both plate and case foam are already included so this should be a great no-nonsense keyboard for someone who is looking for a nice keyboard for at home or the office with mechanical switches. I personally love the look of this simple but beautiful color scheme. You can get this keyboard with either the tactile Wine White or the linear Wine Red switches.

Pac-man 5108S

Looking for something less serious? Looking for something retro, cool or unique? Then check out the awesome Pac-Man 5108S! Just like the 3108 Plus this is a full size keyboard but is fully themed in the style of the legendary arcade game. The Pac-man keyboard also comes with full RGB and includes some extra pacman themed novelty keys. The keyboard has 5-pin hot swappable sockets so it easy to swap out switches with anything you like. The board comes with the smooth Akko Crystal switches which are a great match with the RGB lights as they are completely transparent.

A limited special edition of the 5108S
get it now with a discount at the Akkop Black Friday sale!
The special Pac-man keyboard looks just amazing!

Prunus Lannesiana 3098B

Looking for a bit of pink in your life? Do you want to have the option to use your keyboard wirelessly? The Prunus Lannesiana 3098B might be just the thing you are looking for! It comes with a usb dongle for 2.4ghz connection, but also has bluetooth and USB-C so the choice is yours. Just like most keyboards from Akko you can change the switches later on if you want to try something else and there are some extra themed keycaps included as well. You can complete the look with a matching coiled cable if you want.


Don’t need a numpad, but you still like to have a standard lay-out? Then a TKL or TenKeyLess keyboard is what you are looking for. Take a look at these examples.

Silent Muted Gray 3087v2

The classic look of muted gray colors inspired by Giorgio Morandi. This keyboard has muted grey tones complimented by optional cyan and purple accents. This updated version comes with a variety of Cherry switches to choose from and comes with colorful backlights. This board looks good at the office but also at home. You can check it out here.

The Silent Muted Gray 3087v2 is beautiful in its simplicity

Akko 5087S shine-through TKL

Looking for something less subtle? Then check out the shine-through versions of the 5087S. Available in both black and white. These keyboards can be ordered with the smooth CS Jelly Pink switches or one of my favorite tactile switches; the CS Jelly Purples (review). For a very low price you get a keyboard with usb-c, shine through keycaps of double shot PBT material, very good stock stabilizers and hot swappable sockets!

Black or white? What will you choose?


Akko has a nice collection of compact keyboards. Here are two very unique examples.

World tour Tokyo 3061S R2

Get to know the world with Akko! Akko regularly offers some limited special edition keyboards inspired by world-famous cities around the globe. Take the World Tour Tokyo for example. Ofcourse you get a high quality compact keyboard with rgb backlighting, 5 pin hot swappable sockets and USB-C connection. But the real eye catchers on this keyboard are the detailed keycaps. From Sky Tree to Tokyo tower to mount Fuji. The koi fish on the enter button and the samurai swords on the caps button, the details here are amazing. Did I mention this comapct keyboard also has wireless 2.4, BT and screw-in stabilizer support? You can check out all the other world tour series keyboards here.

The details like the Koi fish and mount Fuji are beautiful

Akko ACR Alice Plus

This is a board that you got to try out for yourself. It is really something unique which you will either love or hate. The black version has been reviewed on this site, you can find the article here. This type of keyboard can be very nice for people who want something more ergonomic. It has support for screw in stabilizers, is hot swappable and comes with RGB lighting under the keycaps as well as the bottom row of the housing. It comes in both black and white. If you want some very smooth switches and maximize the RGB I would personally go for the Akko Crystal switches, but CS Silver is an option if you want something very fast and sensitive. Check out the ACR Pro Alice Plus now if you want something unique and ergonomic!

Black Friday/Cyber monday deal for complete keyboards sets

If you want to order any Akko’s keyboard from november 25th until the 30th nov. You can do so using this link after selecting your keyboard you can use the coupon Black2022 to get 20% off your keyboard! The first 100 orders will also get a free surprise gift! This promotion is for all keyboards except ISO-Nordic 98/87/108 keyboards.

Get 20% discount on keyboards

DIY Kits

What if you really want to make something your own? Want to have complete freedom in choosing switches, keycaps or using what you already have? Then check out some of the DIY keyboards from Akko. One of the latest versions; the MOD007S v2 has been reviewed on this site. You can read all about it here.


Just like the MOD007 series the Akko MOD006 has a a very sturdy build quality. The all metal housing can be used as a blunt weapon (you shouldn’t though!). It comes with both an aluminium plate and a polycarbonate one. Depending of your preference in audible feedback and material you can choose whichever suits your style. Same goes for the included silicone and poron gaskets. Also included are optional sound dampening foam and a coiled cable. The board supports normal and screw-in stabilizers and is available in an assortment of colors. The keyboard has a special character on the default badge which means the Year of the Tiger. You can change this to your liking or use it as an extra switch slot.

Akko 5075S DIY Kit Gasket Mount

Looking for something more affordable? Then take a look at the 5075S DIY Kit Gasket mount . This keyboard is made of durable polycarbonate and is for those who love to show off their true colors. The side of the housing lets all the RGB goodness shine through. The keyboard comes with a nice knob to control the volume and brightness of the RGB lightning.

An example of how this keyboard can look with a full set of keycaps

Black Friday/Cyber monday deal for DIY kits

Between the 25th and 30th of November you can get 2 boxes of switches for free on these DIY keyboards:

Akko MOD 006

Akko ACR Pro 75

Akko ACR Pro 68

Akko 5075S DIY


Akko has a lot of switches witch differ in feeling, sound, and signature. One of the most popular switches from Akko is the Jelly Black. These is a heavy linear switch witch once lubed feels very smooth. It is actually the switch I used for typing this article.

If you’d rather have a tactile switch then the CS Jelly purple is another one I can highly recommend.

Click here if you want to see all the switches Akko has to offer.

I wrote an article about lubing switches which can be found here. But if you don’t want to go through the trouble of lubrication, you can also find many switches pre-lubed.

Akko Black Friday/Cyber monday deal for switches

Want to get 20% when ordering some new switches? All you have to do is find which ones you like here and use the code Black2022 when checking out. Also: when ordering two boxes you get another one for free!



OK, so you have decided you want to dress up you keyboard with some new keycaps? Or maybe you want something less in your face? Akko also has more than enough in the keycap department. Just take a look at some of these examples.

Keycap Black Friday/ Cyber monday deals

You can get 20% off any keycap set using this link and when checking out use the coupon Black2022 and that’s not all, you will also get 1 box of either the V3 cream yellow of V3 cream Blue switches for free! (No free switches for the Shine-through keycaps)

Get 20% off all keycaps

But there is one more surprise for European customers when ordering select keycaps that are shipped from the European warehouse you will get 50% OFF !!! This only goes for these keycaps while supplies last. Choose one of the Keycap sets below using the links provided and use code BF2022 when checking out

Macaw Keycap set
Carbon Retro keycap set
Black & Pink keycap set
Silent keycaps cherry profile
World Tour Tokyo R2 multi-language
9009 Retro Keycap set Cherry Profile

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