Haze pink switch review: Akko Linear with a silencer

Once again it is time to test a linear switch from Akko. This time Akko send over their new Haze pink switches.

Haze Pink is Akko’s first silent switch

Akko keeps pouring out switches like there is no tomorrow. Lineair, tactile, light, heavy, POM, Jelly, all sorts of switches. There is one thing they still didn’t have; a silent switch. Well boys and girls, the wait is over. While most people like there keyboards make clicky, clacky, poppy, dooby, daby sounds, not everybody can appreciate this. This is especially true for co-workers and spouses. While there are options like 0-rings available these don’t always provide the best result and can significantly alter the typing experience. So Akko decided it was time to put out a silent switch.

A closer look

Opening up the Haze pink switches we can see that the top and bottom are both made out of PC whilst the stem is made of POM material. The spring is roughly 15mm in length. So far nothing unlike we have seen before. When looking closer though, there are some very small silicon cushions on the sides of the stem. These are positioned on the top and bottom of the stem’s flanks.

At first glance the Haze pink is not so different from other linear switches from Akko
But when opened up and looking closely you can see the transparant silicone sound dampeners on the sides of the switch


Switch name: Akko Haze Pink(Silent)
Type: Linear
Operating Force: 43 ± 5gf
Bottom-Out Force: 58 ± 5gf
Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.3mm
Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.3mm
Tactile Position: N/A
Housing bottom: PC
Housing top: PC
Stem: POM

Lubing the Haze pink switches

My first impression of the switch was that they felt pretty snappy straight out of the box but I wanted to give them the lube treatment anyway. So as per usual I lubed the housing and stem with Krytox G205g0. I didn’t lube the springs as I didn’t have a thin enough solution handy. Still the end result got me satisfied.
If you wan to know how to lube your switches or wonder what you need, I have made an article about the topic, which you can find here.

I lubed the Akko Haze Pink switches with Krytox G205g0
Lubing switches brings out the best in them

Typing experience and ofcourse soundtest

Typing on the Haze pink switches was a pleasant experience. They felt snappy, smooth and light, but not too light. I still love the heavy Jelly black switches (review) but these are special in their own right. The sound, or rather lack of sound is very nice. The only thing making any sound now is my spacebar. Ofcourse you can cut some packing foam to size to fill this up if you want total silence. Since I sometimes do my typing at night and my desk in in the same room as we sleep, these switches proved to be a nice addition. I used the switches in the Monsgeek M1 keyboard (review).


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Final thoughts

The Akko Haze Pink switches are nice smooth switches which are incredibly silent. I hope Akko will continue to expend the silent treatment to other switches as well. I would love to see a nice tactile switch like the Jelly Purple without the sound for example. The Haze Pink switches are perfect for people who want to use a mechanical keyboard in an office or other environment where silence is preferred. You can order the switches directly from akkogear.eu. Akkogear.eu is the official European website for Akko products and ships worldwide. By using one of the links provided you help us getting review samples.