Apple hired Lamborghini veteran to work on first EV.

According to Bloomberg Apple has hired veteran car development manager Luigi Taraborrell. Mr. Taraborrelli worked on models like Huracan and Urus for Lamborghini.

Apple will want to make a solid impression with the launch of the much anticipated Apple car. The experience of Taraborrelli will prove very useful here. The 20 year veteran was head of the Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics R&D division until recently.

In recent years Apple acquired hundreds of former employees of big car brands like Tesla and Mercedes Benz. This includes top level engineers and designers.

The Apple car is one of the company’s long awaited products and rumors keep popping up.

As expected both Apple and Lamborghini didn’t want to comment on the matter.

Apple Car concept
One of the concept images circling around the web

Source: Bloomberg