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System76 to distribute from Europe, New keyboard coming

Dutch technology website interviewed principal engineer Jeremy Soller from System76. In this interview Soller revealed that System76 is going to build a distribution center in Europe, possibly in the Netherlands.

System76 is working on an ISO version of its Launch keyboard though the ANSI version is also expected to come to Europe.

According to Soller, System76 wants to make it easier for European people to order their products by opening a distribution center in Europe. By sending from Europe they can lower the import taxes and shipment costs for customers in the continent.

System76 is also working on a 65% version of its Launch keyboard. This so called Launch Lite will have to make due without a usb 3.2 hub.

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Asus launches limited ROG X EVANGELION collection

Asus has teamed up with the creators of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series to create a full line up of themed hardware dubbed ROG X EVANGELION. Fans of the anime series will be pleased to see they can build an entire themed setup. The fundation of any pc is the motherboard, Asus managed to make a beautiful version of the Z690 HERO supporting Intel’s current flagship processors. This board fully supports DDR5, has a convenient post code and massive heatsinks.

Among the products being launched is a Z690 motherboard in the company’s HERO line-up.

Asus didn’t stop there though as both the ROG STRIX RTX 3090 and the ROG STRIX 3080 get some ROG X EVANGELION love. The RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are one among the most powerfull gpu’s on the market.

The ROG X EVANGERLION edition of the STRIX RTX 3090

Other stuff in the ROG X Evangelion collection

Apart from the GPU there is a Case, a monitor (be sure to get a good monitor arm) and even a themed capturecard!

A computer without peripherals is like a car without wheels. Asus must have thought the same, so they also got you covered there. There is a gaming mouse , headset and offcourse a full size keyboard in the ROG X EVANGELION line-up. Maybe a Dragonball themed line-up in the future?

Asus ROX G EVANGELION keyboard

Check out the complete collection here

Pricing and availability will vary per region.

Akko EVA-01 keyboard and keycaps

Just looking for a keyboard with the EVA-01 theme or some nice keycaps?

Check out this 96% EVA-01 keyboard or these beautiful keycaps from Akko.